We sat in on a brilliant Art in Action visit earlier this week which saw Stuart McMillan, SNP MSP for Greenock & Inverclyde, visit RIG Arts – a socially engaged arts charity that brings professional artists and the community together in a collaborative and creative way.

McMillan, a local resident, is already familiar with the work of RIG Arts and the lasting impact it has had on the area – however the visit allowed him and CEO Karen Patton Orr to discuss some of the deeper issues around the integral role art can play in every community, and how art and artists can often be overlooked when it comes to policymaking.

RIG Arts Karen Patton Orr and Stuart McMillan MSP.JPG

McMillan said: “It was great to hear about RIG Arts’ summer activities and the positive impact the visual arts has on communities within my constituency.

“RIG Arts are a fantastic example of an organisation working to empower local people to play a part in shaping the visual landscape in which they live.”

Karen Paton Orr said: “It is important for RIG Arts that our MSP is aware of the socially engaged work that we do in order to understand  the real impact that it has and how it benefits individuals and the broader community.

“Art and creativity are powerful tools which can influence change and can make a positive difference in peoples lives and their environments. It is important that MSP’s as decision makers understand this to appreciate that investment in the arts is vital and generates a strong social return in investment that ultimately benefits the public purse.”

Read more on Stuart McMillan’s blog

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