Call upon policy makers

Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN) is a member-led network committed to championing and supporting the contemporary art sector in Scotland.

Our vision is that the role, impact and benefits of contemporary visual arts are widely recognised as central to society and that sector professionals based in Scotland are informed, innovative and supported to achieve their ambitions.

The Visual Arts Manifesto

In 2017, SCAN worked collaboratively with Engage Scotland and Scottish Artists Union to create a Manifesto for the Visual Arts. It was informed and compiled from data, surveys and members’ consultations and is a direct response to the current challenges facing the art sector.

The Manifesto sets out our policy demands but also our collective commitment to positive change. There are five statements in particular that form the basis of our Art in Action campaign:

  • We respect and value the diverse and powerful contribution that art and artists make to our society, culture and economy
  • We believe that art is vital for the health and wellbeing of individuals and society
  • We recognise that artists inspire agency and change within their communities and they play an essential role in public life
  • We call upon policymakers to place culture at the heart of representative policy and decision making
  • We call for longer term public investment that supports the creative and professional development of artists, workers and organisations

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SCAN is delighted to welcome new members at any time.

Membership is open to organisations and individuals professionally committed to contemporary visual arts practice in Scotland. Further details on the benefits of joining SCAN and the membership fees can be found here.

SCAN is supported by Creative Scotland.

(image: Eoin Carey 2017)