Joan McAlpine MSP (South Scotland) visited MERZ Gallery in Sanquhar on Thursday 8th August 2019.

There, she met with founder, artist and film maker David Rushton and learned more about how the work MERZ has done to transform Sanquhar’s former lemonade factory and abattoir buildings, into a studio, exhibition, production, workshop, community and museum space.

Joan said “I am really impressed with the level of engagement that MERZ has and in particular in getting young people in Sanquhar to look at their community in a different way. Merz opens up the possibilities that you can be an artist and you can be creative in this town.”

Joan also got the opportunity to meet with current MERZ artist in residence Catriona Robertson, a sculptor based in London and a recent RCA graduate.

The making and un-making process is an integral part of Catriona Robertson’s practice, working with constructive materials and found objects to create sculptural assemblages. Her work evokes performativity in a solid form; the potential state in which there is an element of chance or possible destruction.

Joan McAlpine MSP

Images courtesy of MERZ/Joan McAlpine/Catriona Robertson




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